“Christ does not force our will, He only takes what we give Him. But He does not give Himself entirely until He sees that we yield ourselves entirely to Him.”

St. Teresa of Avila 

St. Teresa reminds us, the more we turn everything over to Christ, the more we are able to receive Christ’s grace and gifts! I continue to invite all of us to turn everything over to Jesus, our rock and fortress! He will never let us down! 




Mass Times

Holy Spirit Church
Saturday 4:30 PM
Sunday 8:00 AM
Sunday 10:00 AM

DAILY MASS at Holy Spirit Church
Monday - Thursday 8:30 AM
During the school year, Thursday is a Children's Mass with Marquette Catholic School students.

Saturday 3:00 PM
Monday 8:00 AM
Wednesday 8:00 AM

Holy Week 2016




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Holy Spirit Office Hours
Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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Monday - Thursday: 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Friday: Closed

Office Phone: (218)741-6344

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Bishop Sirba's UCA Message 2016


Formed is a dynamic on line offering of programs, movies, audio and books that are available FREE to parish members. To get Formed, click here and an access code will be sent to you.  Once you have your access code, go to to formed.org to set up your new account. Please call Kevin at the Parish Office with any questions about Formed, 218-741-6344. 

Duluth Diocese News

Kyle Eller: Struggle with anxiety? Olympic athletes had a faith lesson for you

You would not know it to look at me today, but when I was younger, I was a pretty decent athlete. I matured physically at a young age and excelled in track and field through about middle school. Even after my classmates caught up, as a young man I could grab the rim on a regulation basketball hoop, even though I’m a touch under six feet tall.

I was a decent athlete, that is, when I was not in front of people. I didn’t have much stage fright when it came to things like music, but for whatever reason, that did not carry over into sports. I could routinely drill three-pointers on the playground, but in a real game, I was more likely to airball a free throw.

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Liz Hoefferle: Evangelization takes place on a person-to-person basis

Have you ever wondered how missionaries of the past were so successful in spreading Christianity throughout the world? How did St. Paul inspire persons from such diverse places as Antioch, Athens and Rome? What led to St. Francis Xavier performing so many baptisms in a day that he would become physically exhausted? How did Ven. Bishop Frederic Baraga connect with natives of this land when he was not even able to speak their language at first?

While most of us will not be called to the foreign missions, there are many things we can learn from these and other successful missionaries about sharing the Good News. Not only did these people have a heroic love for Jesus, a heart open to the workings of the Holy Spirit and incredible resilience in the face of difficulties, but they also made great effort to know the people they encountered and to understand the culture in which the people lived.

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You can still register for the Called To Be One retreat Sept. 24

A planning process for the future of Catholic education in the Duluth area and beyond launched last month, as the Called To Be One planning group unveiled a public survey on the schools and asked those interested in Catholic education to fill it out. The first of two retreats designed to process that input and use it to shape a plan for the schools will take place this Saturday at St. James School. There is still time to register. You can do so here.

At the Sept. 24 retreat, results from those surveys will be presented and discussed in small groups. With the input gathered at this retreat, a draft of a plan will be formulated that would unify the four Duluth Area Catholic Schools into one school with multiple campuses and expand offerings to pre-Kindergarten through grade 12. This draft plan will also be presented for public input as the process goes forward, with a subsequent retreat planned for Nov. 12.

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